Things to Do in Virginia

One of the most fun things to do in Virginia Beach, is to go back in time and witness the land of most famous historical figures. This is one of the top most popular things to do other than beach attractions for families in Virginia Beach. It is named for England’s Elizabeth I or ‘Virgin Queen’. Four of the first five presidents of the United States were also born in Virginia.

When you visit this historic state you are sure to come across several captivating hiking trails, museums, mountains, wineries, lakes, beautiful parks, VA beaches, flea markets, wedding venues along with other unique attractions.

It is one of the most famous tourist states that welcome visitors all around the year. It is a perfect fun-filled destination with a copious amount of history. Not to mention, another historic claim that Virginia can make is the popular historic battlefields, which now rank among the most visited attractions of the state.

If you haven’t heard of it, Virginia also offers many natural attractions along with the wide range of wildlife as well as outdoor pursuits. To help you have a wonderful tour of this popular state, here are the top things to do in Virginia.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the name of a popular resort town, east of Norfolk. As you can expect, this resort offers tourist/ visitors a range of hotels and amusements along the promenade. In case the sea is way too cold to dive in, there are numerous Water Parks and museums to give you the best water experience.

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The resort is well recognized in the entire state but before you plan to visit there, be ready as it is usually very crowded, especially during the summer season. So plan your trip accordingly, and explore the rest of the attractions by visiting the stunning scenery.

Throughout the year, different special events and festivals add the whole beach ambiance. Even during Christmas time, the visitors may drive on the Boardwalk to view the display of annual holiday lights or simply go whale watching.

Colonial Williamsburg

Walking through a site, watching a video or exploring artifacts easily take spectators back in time while increasing their understanding of the nation’s history. But nothing can give a more detailed and memorable experience than visiting the worlds largest and most famous living history museum – Colonial Williamsburg.

File:Colonial Williamsburg Governors Palace Front Dscn7232.jpg

This historic area is extended up to 301 acres and is a true-to-life replication of 18th century capital of Britain. This includes everything from reconstructed to restored buildings, costumed interpreters, and replicated products that bring up the decades prior to American Revolution simply back to life.

American Shakespeare Center

It is now Virginia’s one of the most popular and respected theater companies in the entire world. However, its humble beginnings started with a small touring troupe of Shenandoah Valley. When you visit American Shakespeare Center, you enjoy the great work of Shakespeare with plays like A Christmas Carol, The Taming of the Shrew, Much Ado about Nothing and not to mention, Romeo and Juliet.

This theater is internationally recognized. It purely focuses on the work of Shakespeare along with adherence to the original staging state so that tourists/visitors don’t get impeded by sets but gain a better appreciation for the works and language that made Shakespeare a renowned figure.

Aquarium and Marine Science Center

One of the most interesting attractions at Virginia is the Aquarium and Marine Science Center. Visitors may visit the Red Sea, Malaysian Peat Swamp, or even Indonesia’s Flores Island. Visitors get to see everything at just one place in Aquarium and Marine Science Center at Virginia Beach.

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This large display center offers numerous exhibits for tourist to explore the marine life. It houses almost 12000+ animals including 700 distinctive species like spotted eagle rays, cuttlefish, and Komodo dragons.

The ocean and Bay pavilion display the journey of various water bodies in Virginia whereas the Chesapeake Bay Aquarium displays the species that are found in the famous Chesapeake Bay. Visitors may also explore the distinctive outdoor nature trail along with the half-acre aviary present at the center.

The Tomb of the Unknowns

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or the Tomb of the Unknown is present inside the Arlington National Cemetery. The popular monument stands on a hilltop that overlooks great Washington D.C. The monuments are dedicated to and represent American service members who lost their lives while their remains are left unidentified.

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The Tomb of the Unknown and what it stands for holds a great history. It was built from 7 Yule marble pieces quarried in Colorado. The monument was publicly opened in April 1932. When it comes to Virginia and its attractions, this tomb is one of the most visited locations in the cemetery. Not only visitors from across the nation but also tourists from all over the world visit to pay their regards and respects to the unknown soldiers.

Virginia Symphony

The place was founded back in 1920 as the Norfolk Symphony. In fact, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra is actually the product of a 1979’s merger of the Virginia Beach Pops Symphony, Norfolk Symphony, and the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra.

The Marine Band performed the concert "An American Parable" on Sunday, March 19, at Northern Virginia Community College's Schlesinger Concert Hall in Alexandria, Va., featuring guest soloist Ricardo Morales performing Jonathan Leshnoff's Clarinet Concerto and the world premiere of Jacob Bancks' Occidental Symphony. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Gunnery Sgt. Brian Rust/released)

This tourist attraction is best known to witness the most important bit of unique musical history because at one point the symphony was the only American Orchestra between Baltimore and Atlanta.

Most of the times, Virginia Symphony performs in the Hampton Roads metro area and Williamsburg but usually they do have scheduled performances at Chrysler Hall, the Ferguson Center, the Sandler Center, and in different state universities.

This is one of the most relaxing and refreshing places to visit, and you can surely look forward to the most soothing symphony sounds during vacations in the amazing state of Virginia. These are just some of the many things to do in Virginia. It is indeed a beautiful destination that ranges from sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches to scenic valleys and mountains.

The major historic sites, landscapes, historic towns and cities, and natural wonders offer countless fun things to enjoy and explore during your vacation in Virginia, even if it is a weekend gateway or just a day trip. But this is not all; there are numerous wonderful places to visit in the U.S. like Colorado and Ohio.

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