Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Portland, which is the largest and most populated city in the U.S. state of Maine, has much to offer for the tourists visiting it. There are numerous things that you can do once in Portland, to enjoy your trip even more and to make memories that will last for a lifetime.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most interesting and memorable things that you can do once you arrive in Portland, Maine. Remember that there are numerous historical landmarks, restaurants and other interesting places to visit in the city. Now, if you don’t have a concrete plan for the trip, you might end up missing on the experience of a lifetime.

Follow this list of things to do in Portland, Maine that we have compiled below to get the most out of your vacation.

Discover Portland Museum of Art

Things to Do in Portland Maine

Located within the heart of Portland’s coveted downtown art district, the Portland Museum of Art is worth paying a visit to. The museum features a collection of more than 18,000 objects dating back to the 18th century. The highlights include works by natives, which show the rich and artistic history of the state. There are numerous contemporary works as well as legacy artists including Winslow Homer, Rockwell Kent and Marsden Hartley. The perfect amalgam of contemporary and traditional work makes for an interesting ride through the realms of time for all viewers. Look forward to discovering a new and more refined perspective by visiting the Museum of Art in Portland.

Be Amazed by the Commercial Street

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One good thing about Portland, Maine is that tourists can take great pleasure in walking across the streets. One such street that is thronged by tourists and locals throughout the year is the Commercial Street. The street is quite evidently one of the hallmarks of the city and runs along the downtown district near the water. The picturesque views across the street have made it host to numerous eateries, bars, cafes and boutiques.

Business on Commercial Street thrives throughout the year based on the amazing response that it receives from the scores of tourists visiting the area. People not only take pictures of the quaint, charming buildings, but also grab a bite with something drink at one of the bars or eateries. The architectural gems with a fusion of Renaissance Revival will take you back into time, as the flow of water alongside the main street will make you fall in love with the tranquility.

Maine Foodie Tours

Anyone who’s ever visited Portland, Maine before would agree with us when we say that the food in the city is absolutely brilliant. Now, many cities tend to focus more on a fusion of continental dishes, but Portland thrives more because of the local touch that it provides in the food served. The abundance of fresh fish, dairy products, seafood and organic vegetables and fruits farmed in the region make for highly delicious and healthy food options.

Now, as a new visitor you wouldn’t know much about the eateries present in the city and the ones worth visiting. This is why a tour from aficionados present within the city is the best way forward. Sign up for one of the coveted Maine Foodie Tours and have a taste of Portland’s most exuberant dishes and flavors. You will obviously fall in love with the trueness and richness in taste, coupled with the healthy ingredients. There are only few cities that can boast off food as good as that in Portland.

Enjoy Portland’s Symphony Orchestra

Established back in 1923 and recognized among the top-most orchestras inside the country, the Symphony Orchestra in Portland performs a wide variety of artistic and amazing concerts at the Merrill Auditorium throughout the year. Their performances are well-attended by tourists and locals alike, who come for a good time listening to the soothing musical performances.

Directed by musical genius Robert Moody, the orchestra is a frequent host to renowned personalities who are present as guests in the audience. The ‘Magic of Christmas’ performance hosted every year by the orchestra is one of their finest performances, which is well received by the audience.

The Children’s Museum and Theatre, Maine

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The children’s museum and theatre of Maine is full of interactive learning experiences for kids of all ages. Located within the active and vibrant art district of the city, the museum is a happening place for kids to go to. The displays exhibited in the museum encourage children to critically use their imagination for exploring, discovering and learning new things.

Permanent exhibits within the museum include options ranging from a personalized eatery to a car repair shop and a dress-up theater. Children can play a restaurateur in Coco’s Diner, and make personalized shakes and assorted food items. Budding mechanics can polish their craft in the Car Repair Shop, while the Dress-Up Theater provides a great opportunity for kids to dress-up the way they want.

The museum serves an educational purpose for families, and can be a great place for you to go to, if you have your kids alongside. The amazing experience will make their day interesting and will brighten their experience and memories of the place.

A Guided Tour of Allgash Brewing Company

Out of all things to do in Portland, Maine, tourists find the guided tour of Allgash Brewing Company to be the most informative experience. They get to explore one of America’s oldest Belgian-styled beer and ale facility, and get to learn about the processes involved in the production. Not only this, but they are offered 4 of the locally produced beers to taste as well. The well-rounded experience certainly leaves some memories.

With all these amazing things to do in Portland, Maine, we can vouch that your stay in the city will be full of fun-filled adventures that you can remember for time to come.

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