Things to Do in Ohio

Things to Do in Ohio

Ohio is the birthplace of many popular inventions and people. Most tourists consider Ohio as Amish Country that only offers cow tipping as the most interesting activity. However, this idea couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It is true that dairy farming plays a critical role in the Ohio state but this exciting state is also home to country’s fastest roller coasters. If that’s not enough, a rock and roll museum as well.  Ohio is known as the paradise of art lovers. It showcases a number of famous museums which house collections varying from classical pieces to modern art.

If you really wish to experience and explore authentic America then Ohio has it all to offer like lake beaches, world-class museums, three large cities, world’s largest Amish enclave and record-breaking roller coasters.

Want to know more? Here is the list of most exciting and fun-filled things to do in Ohio.

Let’s have a look!

Imagination Station

Imagination Station is the Toledo’s Science Center. It is a hands-on science center that offers hundreds of hands-on demonstrations and exhibits. However, every tourist/visitor’s experience of exploring Imagination Station is different. While some prefer to spend an entire day exploring, some creating and discovering and others quickly stopping in and spending a few hours with their favorite exhibits.

In other words, Imagination Station gives you new experiences each day, it’s different each time you visit. The impact of this science center extends well beyond walls and inspires innovation. It offers valuable life skills to visitors.

Park Avenue Winery, Gallery and Gift

No trip is complete without enjoying some time at a notable winery. Park Avenue Winery is a well recognized urban boutique winery that pair local wine with local art. The winery is set in an artistic century home with an inviting back patio and welcoming front porch.  All the wines are produced in-house and just by using locally sourced juice and grapes. It ranges from dry to sweet.

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This urban winery also has delicious food offerings like cheese plates, flatbread pizzas, and seasonal soups. The best part is that the winery is located close to dining, historic Ashtabula harbor shopping, and vistas. If you visit during the months of February to December, you can enjoy some local art while sipping your wine.

Rocky Fork State Park

This nature lovers’ destination is located at one hour drive South West of Columbia and in Highland Co. Science Rocky Fork Creek and Rocky Fork late offer several opportunities for nature lovers inside the park as well as nearby nature preserves.

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Here you can have some fun-filled activities including 2 miles of hiking trails through wetlands and woodlands. Similarly, another two-mile trail offers rugged fun and excitement for mountain biking. To satisfy your sporty spirit, an excellent golf course is present at the South Beach area along with a practice course at the campground.

There are different picnic areas inside the park, offering grills and tables. The park offers 2 sand swimming beaches along with bathhouses. If you are visiting as group, you can rent the Recreation Barn close to group camp, East End Overlook close to East Shore marina or the Activity Center at the north beach.

Crystal Cave

If you wish to take a drunken tour inside the largest known geode of the world, crystal cave is a must-visit destination. You might have some other standard caves on your things to do in Ohio list and the difference between crystal cave and others may not be apparent at first but the key difference lies in the fact that you are not inside a cave.

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You just wander inside a single rock i.e. the world’s largest geode. The cave was discovered in 1887 by some workers digging a deep well for winery operator. Soon it was found that the crystal cave was actually in a ‘vug’ or in fact, a large activity inside a single rock. There are 3ft long Celestine crystals that emerge from the walls.

It is one of the largest caves but less beautiful today, as several of the Celestine crystals have already been mined for fireworks use. To get the best experience of Crystal Cave, try touring it drunkenly like a part of the entire Heineman winery tour.

 Moonville Tunnel

This abandoned railroad tunnel is the only remnant of a mining town, steeped in ghostly lore. Near Lake Hope State Park and deep within the woods, this supposedly haunted tunnel is nothing but the reminder of that old small Moonville mining town that has otherwise disappeared from the map.

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Moonville consisted of a few houses, a salon, and a general store. The town was separated from other towns and was reachable only by walking along the railroad tracks. Moonville Tunnel was just a feature near the town. So if you feel a creepy gut feeling, it is because a number of people actually died walking this track to other towns.

Over the years, this has given rise to many ghost stories surrounding this deep dark expanse. The stories involve the restless souls of workers, died on the line. Even though these stories can’t be verified, the Moonville Tunnel is an interesting spot that stands out in the Ohio woods, reminding of the entire town along with its haunting legacy.

Cedar Point Amusement Park/Resort

Cedar Point Amusement Park is the best destination for a fun-filled family time. It is the most thrilling amusement park in the U.S. today. This place offers 71 exciting rides along with 18 top-class roller coasters like Steel Vengeance, the fastest, tallest and longest hyper-hybrid ride in the world.

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With these 150 rides, attractions, and shows, one day is just not enough to fully explore the 364-acre park. But you can avail the comfortable overnight accommodations in addition to a mile-long beach, live shows, great restaurants and marinas that make this park a perfect family gateway.

So play longer and stay longer by visiting the park’s shores water park. It also has many attractions for kids as well as thrill lovers like dining, shopping and fun places for families to relax.

When planning a trip, people don’t really think much about visiting a Midwest state like Ohio. The state is full of tourism pleasure just like you wouldn’t typically think before a trip to New Orleans

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