Things to Do in Maui While on Vacation

It might sound like an exaggeration but there are some islands that fare better than others in terms of vacation spots because there are more fun things to do including tourist attractions and enjoyable vacation activities. When people think about an ideal vacation, island locations are usually one of the best places to visit. It might be the Bahamas, the Maldives or the Caribbean. However, none of these locations beat the exquisite island of Maui. There are innumerable activities and things to do in Maui while enjoying the perfect vacation.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider Maui for your next vacation:

Explore the Scenery

There’s a reason why Maui is unlike most other islands. While there is a tantalizing beach and tremendous wonders of nature, the best thing about Maui is the scenery that you’ll be able to feast your eyes on. Perhaps this is also the one thing that surprises almost all the tourists that choose to come to the island. On any bright and sunny day, you’ll be able to see vast fields of purple lavenders that stretch on for a considerable distance, all the way to the slopes of the mountains.

Things to Do in Maui

The mountains on the island are neither too steep nor too intimidating. As mentioned earlier, there are loads of things to do on Maui. You can hike for an entire day, have a nice bicycle ride, go for a sightseeing tour or just sit on the balcony of your hotel and enjoy the spectacular view of the island.

Enjoy the Water Sports

Of all the things to do in Maui, this is the one activity that most attracts tourists. The surf spot, named after the movie Jaws, has long been the preferred location of surf enthusiasts from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a world famous surfer or just someone visiting the island who wants to have a good time; you are guaranteed to enjoy the famous adrenaline-pumping waves.

If for any reason you’re worried about the waves and any unwanted accidents in the future, then don’t worry. There are always a number of helicopters in the air keeping a watchful eye over the surfers to ensure they don’t end up hurting themselves.

Explore the Hiking Trail

The island of Maui is famous for its heavenly hiking trail. Unlike the traditional trails that you’d find on other islands, the famous Pipiwai Trail has been specially designed and maintained to make your hiking experience as wonderful as possible. It’s situated right at the end of the Hana Highway. While hiking down the famous trail, you’ll come across streams, waterfalls, a bamboo forest as well as a number of exotic bird species.

It doesn’t matter how far you travel on this trail because you won’t feel bored or tired at any point. The cherry on top is the exquisite Walmoku Falls that lies at the end of the trail. It is truly a wonder of nature and a sight to behold. You’ll definitely find that the whole hiking trip was well worth it, once you lay your eyes on it.

Wonder at the Wildlife

It doesn’t matter if you spend your time on land or surfing on famous waves; you’ll find yourself among some of the most beautiful and delicate wildlife species on the planet. You’ll probably catch a glimpse of the famous humpback whales while swimming or see the Nene Goose roaming in the forests. Considering that a lot of animal species on the planet are now endangered, this island will give you a chance to look at and appreciate some of nature’s most majestic creatures.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

It is said that the best way to ensure that you get a proper experience of an area’s culture and traditions is through its cuisine. This is the perfect time for you to enjoy the famous Hawaiian cuisine. There are multiple options for you to enjoy. Every dish from the local cuisine has its own unique set of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

The number one thing you should absolutely try is the Kalua Pork. Not only is the dish invisting in itself, but the way it is cooked is also unique. Rather than employing traditional methods of cooking, the delicacy is cooked using an underground oven. This unconventional process cooks the pork thoroughly while leaving the juices and the tenderness intact.

Similarly, you need to try all the various varieties of shrimp on the island. Maui is known for its special variations of shrimp delicacies. You can enjoy a nice Shrimp Scampi or even the famous Spicy Pineapple Shrimp – dishes that will leave wanting more.

If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, then the island’s snow cones and shaved ice are something that you would be particularly interested in.

The Bailey House Museum

This is the place for history buffs in Maui. It’s a museum that’s entirely dedicated to the preservation of Hawaiian art as well as history. Similarly, if you’re someone interested in Pre-European Hawaiian history or even the prehistoric history of the land, you have to pay this museum visit. You’ll find the entire history of Hawaiian culture, arts and history summarized in this wonderful little museum that is both fascinating and awe-inspiring.

Whale Watching

This is another thing that you absolutely have to do while vacationing in Maui. The island is known for its whales and you don’t want to miss out on the view these majestic creatures give in their natural habitat. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to watch from the safety of a yacht or while diving and observing them up close. You can also stay on the beach and watch them make their jumps.

The best spot from where you can get the best view is the McGregor Point. You’ll have a nice spot to relax and watch these wonders of nature.

Marvel the Sunrises

Before you start pondering about the things to do in Maui during the day, enjoy the spectacular sight of the island’s sunrises. The sight of the sun emerging from the hinges of the shield volcanoes is a vista that will stay with you forever.

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