Best Times to Visit New Orleans

So you’re planning a visit to ‘The Big Easy’, but don’t know when or what you’re going to do there? We’ve been there, and know exactly what you need. This is why we have come up with a brief guide of what the city of New Orleans has to offer and when.

We also happen to know what festivals and events are bound to happen and in what seasons – so we’re going to move ahead and let you know about the best times to visit New Orleans.

Best Time to visit New Orleans

Why Summer Is the Best Time to visit New Orleans

If you’re thinking about the heat, just block it out – or just stock up sun block! The hotels in the summer have the lowest rates and if we still don’t have your attention, there are a lot of colorful events that await your arrival.

Some events like ‘Tales of the Cocktail’, you will forget all about the heat! Other than this, you can celebrate the COOLinary of this travel destination with not much to worry about your travel budget. The menus of these restaurant are mostly prix fixe in the summers and your three course meal will cost you only $30. You can travel the world with every bite you take because you’ll find the most famous eateries of every country of the world here!

You may have heard that the swamp here comes to life in the summers but that’s not all! The city will be alive with laughter and enjoyment as fun activities like ‘Go 4th on the River’, Essence Festival, Satchmo SummerFest, Southern Decadence and the White Linen Night will go live. Don’t their names just want you to really look them up?

So does summer amount to the best time to visit New Orleans?

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Visit New Orleans

The very first thing you should know about New Orleans during fall is that the humidity and the temp go down while the energy of the city goes up! Now you’ll see everyone coming out of their air conditioned hide outs, and taking walks in the parks or riding their bikes.

If you’ve been here in another season, you’ll notice that the colors of fall will be very different here! This has nothing to do with the season though! It’s because of the culture of this city! The cultures of this town in this season bring forward more and more colorful seasons each year and one of them is the yummy National Fried Chicken Festival!

Other than this, you will be able to explore events like the Voodoo Music and Art Experience festival. Just think about the sort of experiences you will bring back home as memories!

How can art, music and fried chicken not be followed up by some liquor? This is why the fall season will also bring forth the Beer, Bourbon and Boudin festivals among others, which will quench your thirst. While you’re on a roll with these festivals, you can also check out the Saints Football Stadium for a few matches at Nola!

If fall and summer still haven’t impressed you enough for a decision, we should move on along the list of best times to visit New Orleans.

Why Winter Is the Best Time to Visit New Orleans

If you’re in search for wonderful weather so you can escape on vacations, then December, January and February are the best times to visit New Orleans. You can leave your coats back home, and rush on over for an adventure!

The winter holidays in New Orleans are like nothing else. People actually prefer to walk around here to shop for their Christmas trees at the streetcar lines. Other than this tradition, you can join the locals for bonfires at the bayou or attend the glorious Cathedral concerts for pristine entertainment.

You also get a chance to watch street cooking demonstrations before you enjoy these cuisines. These include the Reveillon dinner or the Sugar Bowl at the Superdome! And to top it all off, you can attend the ultra lit Jackson Square for the New Year countdown!

Doesn’t all of this sound enthralling? But wait, we have one more for the list of best times to visit New Orleans!

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Visit New Orleans

If you plan to escape to New Orleans in the spring time, you’re in for an endless array of fests! First up is the super colorful Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday. In your hometown, this would mean a weekend watching Super Bowl, but here you can watch locals put on colorful Indian costumes and undertake a friendly competition of who can ‘strut their stuff’ better!

If this isn’t enough, then you can wait for the Buku Music and Art Project which is the one of the largest music festivals. You will find yourself enveloped with EDM and Hip-hop offerings like Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Major Lazoer, Ellie Goulding and Skrillex! This is conducted to be a four-day event, which includes a riverfront rave all the way up to an Antebellum-style ballroom event.

If you still don’t think Spring is the best time to visit New Orleans, then you should look up the Tennessee Williams Literary Fest. In this festival you will be able to meet your favorite actors, authors and playwrights upfront. All of this can be availed at movie screenings, book signings, culinary events, cocktail parties, readings and premiers! You can even attend a shouting contest, where your judges at the French Quarters will score you on your ability to shout, “Stella!” and “Stanley!”

There is just so much that this city offers that we can’t compile all of it into one blog post. You can find some more about this destination in another blog post called “The Best Time to Visit New Orleans”. We know you just need a little nudge in the right direction to persuade yourself to finally visit this place.