Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Pura vida. This is the term given to the easy going sensibility that the people of Costa Rica have adopted in their lives. The small country in Central America has seen its reputation for being a laid back country become more and more mainstream. A lot of people feel like it is a very good place to visit on their vacations. After all, pura vida is ideally what we are striving for with our vacations. All the worries that we have back home need to be put aside and there needs to be peace and tranquility in life. If you are wondering what the best time to visit Costa Rica is, you can count on this guide to tell you all that you need to know. Costa Rica is the kind of place that suits the need for everybody. We know that this vacation destination is particularly popular among all the adventure seeking travelers. The thing is that there is so much to this place, it is difficult to put into words. There is amazing surfing, there is some of the most delicious seafood to be had here, adventurous hikes in the rain forests and so much more. You see, the best time to visit Costa Rica actually depends on what is making you go there. The ‘Rich Coast’ is full of life and a lot of fun for those seeking a good time. The sun, the surfing, the wildlife and nature makes it all worth it for different people for their own reasons. It is even accessible for those looking for cheap flights to Costa Rica. It all depends on when you book your trip to the Central American nation. This is where our guide will help you decide on what is the best time to visit Costa Rica for a rich Central American vacation.

Best time to visit Costa Rica for its Wildlife

If you’re the kind of nature lover looking for species of wildlife unique to Costa Rica, it depends on when you go. There’re several species of wildlife like the Capuchin monkey which you will be able to find in the country throughout the year. They do love the attention that they can get and they capitalize on it. So you can count on seeing plenty of those whenever you go to Costa Rica. If you wanna catch a sight of the sea turtles that come to the country, the best time to visit Costa Rica has to be either in April and May or from February to October. The leather-back turtles come to the Caribbean coast in the month of April and May. And it is the best possible time to get a glimpse of the magnificent reptiles. One tip if you want to see the turtles is that you should go to the beach before the sunrise. That’s the only way you’ll be able to see them in the reserves.

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica when it comes to surfing

Surfers from literally every corner of the world looking for some great waves make their way to Costa Rica. If you are also looking to catch some mad waves, there is no better place along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica than along the Nicoya Peninsula. The best time to visit Costa Rica for great surfing depends on what level of a surfer you are. For those looking to just test the waters and starting off with surfing, the best time to visit Costa Rica’s beaches would be March and April. This time is the tail end of the dry season so the waves are not that wild and the humidity is high. The best time to visit Costa Rica and really out yourself through the challenge of some really dangerous surfing is in September and October. This is the time when the rainy season is at its peak and the waves are rising high. If you are looking to go to the Costa Rican beaches when there are fewer people in the area, you should ideally go in the months from June through to August. It’s low tourist season and it will be considerably cheaper for you.

Best time to visit Costa Rica for bird watching

There are several exotic bird species that can be found in Costa Rica all year round. Those who are particularly dedicated to their hobby of bird watching and are really patient with it, the best time to visit Costa Rica would be from November to April. These months are dry so the birds will be coming out in the open more often. You can hear all the different bird songs throughout the country. It also goes to say that the clear skies will also mean very good visibility. There is a host of different migratory birds that travel through Costa Rica every year as well. September to November presents you the opportunity to see the quetzals and the exotic long tailed Central American birds.

Best time to visit Costa Rica for its Cloud Forests

There are several famous cloud forests in Costa Rica. The most famous one out of all these is Monteverde which is situated in Puntarenas. This is where you will find the trails going through mountaintops. The trails make you traverse through fogs with the same density of clouds. It is an ethereal and dream like sight to behold. The only thing is that this should not be done during the peak rainy season. As thick as the fog might be during that time, the rain also affects the hiking treks. You do not want to get stuck in the rain forests during the heavy rains. If you are wondering that you will have a limited time to catch the fog, you are mistaken. You can visit the cloud forests in Costa Rica throughout the year to witness the beauty of the cloud forests. The density of the fog never changes.

Final Thoughts

Use this guide to make the best possible decision about the best time to visit Costa Rica. There is a lot to be experienced there which simply cannot be stated properly in words. You will have to go there to find out.