Romantic Bucket List Items for a Honeymoon in Maui

A honeymoon is probably the one time when going on a vacation with your spouse will be the easiest. Away from work, kids, and all otherworldly responsibilities, you should make the most of this trip and have romantic experiences to remember for life.

The island of Maui is perfect for this, with its gorgeous beaches and stunning landscape, which is why you need to start making your romantic Maui bucket list now! Here are our top picks for the best things to do in Maui on your honeymoon.

Road to Hana

The road to Hana is an adventure that’s highly recommended for newlyweds. Hana is a small town on Maui’s eastern shore, and the drive there from the main city is one of the most magical experiences on the island.

With tons of hairpin turns, winding lanes, and cliff edges, the road is a challenge in itself, but the best sights are along the way. The Garden of Eden, volcanic beaches, the Waianapanapa Park, and even the serene Waimoku Falls are all crowd favorites!

Enjoy A Luxury Interactive Dinner

One way to amp up the romance is to have a unique experience at Ka’ana Kitchen’s Bitters & Bites. A custom cocktail accompanies each step of the three-course meal they design for you with your preferred type of liquor.

This culinary experience includes an open kitchen that featuring modern and traditional local food. So, you can watch the chef preparing your food in real-time!

Take a Helicopter Tour

Why not view the island from the skies? There are a few options for helicopter tours in Maui, with custom and preset tour routes. We recommend asking your tour company of choice whether they offer a special couple’s ride for the bumped-up helicopter experience.

Watching the sunset in Maui is a romantic way to mark your honeymoon memories!

A couple sits on a cliff watching the ocean waves crash in Maui

A Luau Experience

A luau is an item you need to cross off our bucket list. Traditionally, a luau is a party for family and friends meant to celebrate and reminisce about the good times.

These parties are known for their traditional touch, meaning that if you attend one, you should try and find appropriate clothing or wear a lei at the very least. Salmon, corn, pork, taro, and a coconut-based dessert are most likely on the menu, followed by games, live music, and dancing.

So, are you ready for the most magical experience of your life in Maui? Head to our blog for more Maui vacation ideas, as well as information about tons of other vacation destinations. You can read through our Myrtle Beach travel guide or learn about the best things to do in Detroit, Michigan, for more local adventures!

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