Finding the Best Flights to Portland: Everything you Need to Know

When it comes to travelling, finding affordable flights can sometimes be a frustrating task. The fares are usually exorbitant. There are long layovers or the appropriate flight to your destination of choice is not available at all. As a result, it is challenging to find the most appropriate flights in general and flights to Portland in particular. However, there are ways to get around this problem. It takes a few simple hacks to find the best and most affordable flights that you might be looking for.

The thing is that most people are unaware of these tips and tricks and therefore, feel frustrated. There is nothing to be shy of if you are travelling on a budget. Besides, you can spend your savings on other, more important things. So, this article will help ease your burden of having to book expensive flights for your trips.

Finding the best flights to Portland

Airline tickets and their prices vary for almost every destination on Planet Earth. As a result, the tricks that might be applicable here are usually applicable elsewhere too. Portland is an exciting destination and it offers a lot of activities to visitors and residents alike . When you search for affordable flights, you have to be aware of the places and times to look for. Given below are a few general guidelines for you to follow:

i. Where to start your search for flights to Portland

Flights are available on a number of different platforms these days. However, where you might find the best deals can vary. Instead of starting with specific company websites, it is better to begin with services that list all available flights to your destination. Some of the most widely used and reliable platforms include, which is incredible for finding search results with a number of filters. These include low fares, no layovers and flexible dates etc. Alternatively, you can use Google Flights. This service works best when your destination is still unknown.

Moreover, you do not necessarily have to buy the ticket from these websites. Usually, you can crosscheck the fares with the ones on the company website. There are times when both platforms have almost equal charges.

ii.  When is the ideal time to book a flight?

This is a subjective question and the answer depends mostly on the destination and the time of the year. For domestic ones like flights to Portland, the ideal time to book is 40 to 60 days in advance. Similarly, for flights to Asia from North America, this time goes up to 5 months in advance. If you intend to travel to Europe from America, book your flight at least six months in advance. The idea behind reserving tickets so far in the future is that you get the best deals. If you book a flight only 7 to 10 days in advance, airlines assume that you are a business traveler and will pay just about anything to get on the plane.

On average, the ideal reservation time is at least 3 ½ months prior to your departure. Yes, we understand that things can change and plans may face cancellation or delays. However, tickets are always refundable. It is always better to play safe than sorry.  When it comes to the days, the best deals are available between Monday and Wednesday. This is because sales are announced or Mondays and disappear by Thursdays. Therefore, yes it is true that airline charges are lower on Wednesdays. It is not a hard and fast rule however; be wary of that.

iii. Finding the best rates

Be it domestic travel like flights to Portland or international commute, some searching is required to find the best fares. We understand that it is not possible to search and keep tabs on ticket prices regularly. So, the following websites have you covered. For international travel and hotel reservations, works best. On the other hand, is your platform for local deals for affordable air travel.

Furthermore, you can use Google to search for flash sales as well as discounted prices. However, make sure that you verify the website and the deals that they are offering. Make sure that you are on the lookout for flash sales especially. These are a great opportunity to buy airline tickets because the prices drop drastically. Airlines usually release tickets 11 months in advance and then predict sales. If they have not hit the estimated percentage by a certain point, they cut the prices substantially. The result is that a ticket that might have cost $600 yesterday could be selling for $300 or lower today.


Finding affordable flights to Portland and other places is challenging. However, the satisfaction of getting a good bargain makes it worth the effort. Booking flights online also offers you a variety of other options. You can utilize credit card reward points or airline miles, use budget airline to fly domestic routes at lower prices or purchase holiday packages. The benefit of getting the entire vacation in a bundle is that the overall costs are relatively lower. On the contrary, if you travel on your own there will be many places where you end up frustrated and spending more money than required.

In the end, it is safe to summarize with the fact that affordable packages are out there. You only have to look hard enough to find them. However, with the unlimited websites that compare prices and ticket prices you can find what you are looking for easily. Just make sure that you preferably book in advance and have flexible travel dates to increase your chances of finding the best flights to Portland and elsewhere.

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