Tips to Choose Travel and Leisure Best Hotels that are Kids Friendly

The pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of our life, especially in terms of travel. Summer has begun, and after two long years of lockdown and limiting outdoor activities, many people have started to think about the possibility of traveling with family. Of course, it is safer to stay home during the pandemic, but if you need to travel—especially with kids, you will have a lot to prepare.

You have to do your research to find airlines that operate with strict health protocols, save travel and leisure best hotels from staying at, and where you can visit, and what activities you can do. The reasons are because there are a lot of concerns going on when you are traveling with children, especially during the pandemic.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to consider when traveling with kids during the pandemic.

Concern in Traveling with Kids

Cute Little Girl is holding the passport and the suitcase
Cute Little Girl is holding the passport and the suitcase – Photo by Gustavo Fring

There are a lot of concerns when traveling with kids, especially during the pandemic. Here is what you need to think about before deciding on going traveling with the little one:

1. Jet lag

Adults know how horrible jet lag is, and it is not easier for children too. While taking care of children can be tiring on a typical day, it will worsen when you and your children have jet lag.

2. Ear pain

If you’re traveling by air, you should be wary of the possibility of ear pain. It can be difficult to help a little kid with ear pain. In fact, 22% of children may have damage to their eardrums after the flight.

3. Illness

There is a pandemic going on, so you have to be extra careful if you decide to travel with your kids. Follow health protocol well and bring vitamins with you.

4. Dealing with other people

Traveling with children can be challenging, especially if they are active or feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes, it affects other passengers too, and dealing with them can be a real hassle and awkward.

5. Bored children

Bored children sometimes can be a nightmare too. They will talk or ask questions non-stop, and it will be tiring to handle them. Therefore, you need to find a way to keep them preoccupied.

6. Children getting lost

Losing your children when you’re traveling is the most horrible nightmare. That is why children need to be watched carefully and constantly. Parents also need to prepare the children if the worst scenario happens. Have your children carry a card or something else that contains their name and parents’ contact details. Besides, teach them to seek help from authorities.

7. Necessities Availability

Whether you’re traveling locally or to other countries, finding necessities can be a hassle. So, you need to make sure that your destination has everything you need. If not, make sure you bring everything necessary for your kid.

Hotel Facilities Needed for Kids

Mother is playing with his boy
Mother is playing with his boy – Photo by Gustavo Fring

One of the most important things to prepare is finding travel and leisure best hotels that cater to the needs of your kids. However, before you choose which hotel to book, you need to find out first what amenities they provide for kids. Here is the list of hotel amenities for kids:

1. Borrowed entertainment

Some hotels provide games and toys that children can borrow during their stay at the hotel. They usually offer game boys, DVD players, or board games for older kids. Other hotels provide kid-friendly indoor or outdoor activities. They usually will give entertaining activities from jump ropes, Frisbees, sidewalk chalk, etc.

2. Stroller rent

Stroller rent is perfect for you who have kids below three years old. You will not need to worry about bringing your stroller from home.

3. Kids activities

Kids have a lot of energy, and they will need special activities to keep them occupied and entertained. Some hotels offer kids activities that will help them have fun during their stay in the hotel.

4. Rocking chairs or rooms for baby

Bringing a baby during travel can sometimes lead to long sleepless nights. However, some hotels offer rocking chairs or baby rooms to help parents bring their babies to sleep.

Tips to Find Best Kids Friendly Hotel

The kids are playing at the playground
The kids are playing at the playground – Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

Now that you know all the concerns and the necessary amenities to look for when booking travel and leisure best hotels, it is time to find out some tips to find them. Here are some of them:

1. Kid-friendly area

When you’re looking for a kid-friendly hotel, you might want to find one close to a place that children love to visit—for example, amusement parks, beaches, water parks, and so on. However, if you are not traveling to a holiday destination, you can find a hotel close to a city park or shopping center. This way, your children can play and run around or just hang out.

2. Dining options

Children can be picky, so you might want to find a hotel that offers a kids’ menu. If that is difficult to find, another option is to find a hotel near a restaurant so that you can get food for your children easily.

3. Room arrangement

Do you sleep together with your children, or do you want to sleep in separate rooms? You will also need to consider this when booking travel and leisure best hotels. If you want a separate room, find hotels that offer discounts for booking adjoining rooms.

4. Discount for kids

Some hotels offer discounts for kids that you can take advantage of. They usually offer 50% off for the second room that their children stayed at or a discount for theme park tickets.

5. Family-friendly services

Check the hotel’s services—do they have babysitting services, children’s activities, children’s entertainment, etc. If you bring your baby when traveling, you might also want to check whether they offer a baby room, stroller, or baby crib.

Tips to Keep Kids Entertained While Quarantines

The toys in the basket
The toys in the basket – Photo by Cottonbro

Now you’re already preparing everything necessary, but are you ready to travel with kids during this pandemic? Not yet. Some countries mandated travelers to quarantine for 14 days before allowed to walk around or visit attractions.

You know how difficult it is to keep children entertained, especially when they are not allowed to go anywhere. But, don’t worry; here are tips to keep your kids entertained during quarantine:

1. Prepare arts and crafts material

Arts and crafts will keep your kids’ attention for more than 15 minutes. Therefore, you might want to bring along your art supplies when you’re traveling. It doesn’t have to be one luggage full of art supplies. You can just bring crayons or watercolor, and ask for some papers from the hotel. Then you can paint together with your kids.

2. Bring a lot of snacks with you

The hotel may prepare some snacks in the hotel room, but they are usually limited. Since you will have a 14 days quarantine, you may want to bring snacks on your own. Bring a lot of them and don’t forget your kids’ favorite.

Eat them together with your kids while watching movies or playing together. This way, your kids will not feel bored although having to be stuck in the hotel room.

3. Bring something that can comfort your kids

Children usually have a favorite stuffed animal, toy, or blanket. Don’t forget to bring them when you’re traveling and have to quarantine for 14 days at the hotel. Familiar things will help your kids feel calm and less fussy. They will also feel more at home with their favorite things around, so they will not feel that quarantine is terrible.

4. Rotating toys

If you bring a few toys with you when traveling, don’t just give them all at once. Children are easily bored. When you take out all their toys all at once, chances are they don’t know what to play again. Another reason is that children get easily distracted too. Therefore, they will want to change toys often.

Also, minimizing the toys that they can play with will help them with their creativity. They will have to think about what else they can do in the hotel room to keep them entertained.

5. Don’t be too strict about screen time

Under normal circumstances, you may want to limit your child’s screen time strictly, and that is fine. However, being in quarantine and not allowed to go out is stressful enough so that you can be a little laxer this time. Let them play with their gadget or watch videos on your phone. You should still watch what they are doing with the phone, but the point is, let them have a little fun during quarantine.

The pandemic has affected everyone, and the lockdown has been stressful for many people, including parents. It is no wonder that the parents want to relax a little bit by traveling. However, if you do so, you need to take extra precautions when looking for travel and leisure best hotels. Ensure that they provide the necessary amenities for you and your children and strictly conduct the health protocols well.


Things to Do to Have the Best Time in Disneyland

It is said that the world both loves and scorns dreamers. There are multiple rags-to-riches success stories of people who managed to rise up from nothing and receive the love and respect of millions around the world. Walt Disney was one of those few lucky individuals. It can be both a challenging and somewhat puzzling thought to think of how the great man himself felt about what he was creating.

Fast forward to 2018 and the empire that he laid the foundation for has become one of the most successful franchises of all time. The measure of its success lies in the fact that children for the past 4 generations have practically grown up watching various iterations and adaptations of Disney folklore.

One of the most iconic images and assets of the Disney folklore is Disneyland. For decades now, people all over the world have found themselves planning trips to this theme park that has reached legendary status. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are; Disneyland remains a very special place to visit for anyone. After all, where else can you get the chance to meet your favorite Disney characters, set locations and rides?

You can spend an entire day at Disneyland and chances are that you still won’t be able to complete a full tour of the park. This is where you need to get a hold of your emotions and realize that you need to be a lot more efficient in your planning. This is something that’s a lot easier said than done.

This is where you’ll need a compact guide; a guide that’ll help you navigate through all the things that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on, some useful tips to avoid any unpleasant episodes and most importantly, make the most of your time at Disneyland.

So, here’s all you need to know about planning a trip to Disneyland:

The Tickets

Oddly enough, this seems to be the easiest and still the most irritating thing that most people miss out on. If you’re someone that happens to live near Disneyland, you’ll probably see a long queue of people that are waiting to purchase their tickets. You can avoid this entire hassle by simply going online and buying your tickets from there to avoid any inconvenience for yourself. Think of it like this; you won’t have to spend any extra money, you’ll have the peace of mind about the availability of tickets and perhaps most importantly, you‘ll avoid having to stand in line for who knows how many hours.

When you book your tickets online, you simply walk straight right in. You’ll easily save yourself at least an hour. Similarly, there’s something called a 3-day ticket.

If you buy yourself and your family a 3-day ticket, you’ll be eligible for the Magic Morning. Magic Morning is sort of like an early-access card. You’ll have the chance to enjoy early access to the park for one day. This means avoiding all the long queues of people and being able to enjoy the rides without any pushing and shoving.

The Hotels

It goes without saying that you’ll probably have a definite budget when planning a visit to Disneyland. If finding cheap hotels near Disneyland is something that you’re worried about then rest assured you won’t have any shortage of options. There are numerous hotels all around Disneyland that have been established precisely to cater to people that come from all over the world to have the time of their lives at Disneyland.

Now, there are two options that you can opt for when it comes to choosing cheap hotels near Disneyland. The first option is to actually stay on property, which means to actually stay inside Disneyland for the entire duration of your visit. There are three hotels that have been established to allow visitors and tourists to reside inside Disneyland; The Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Grand California Hotel as well as Disney’s Paradise Hotel. These are the hotels that you should opt for when it comes to enjoying the true Disney experience throughout your stay.

cheap hotels near Disneyland

When you can check-in to either one of these hotels, you’ll not only reduce any time needed to travel to Disneyland but also have the ability to get up and running and enjoy the Disneyland theme park rides as early as possible.

Similarly, if you can’t or don’t want to stay on property, then there are countless other hotels that you can opt for. These options are not inside Disneyland but are no more than a 5 minute walk away. For example, if you stay at these hotels near Disneyland you won’t have to waste time unnecessarily on trying to find a parking spot (Believe us, trying to find a spot to park your car at the largest and busiest theme park in the world is a nightmare).

Use the Mobile App

Using Disney’s dedicated mobile app to have a smooth vacation is one of the technoogical benefits that so many people visiting Disneyland seem to be oblivious of. The Disney Mobile app costs nothing but it will prove to be the ultimate guide when it comes to making the most of your trip to Disneyland. All the necessary information that you could need while visiting Disneyland will be easily available at the touch of a button. This includes the various wait times, the park maps, the restaurant menus, as well as listings for different shows that you may be interested in. Similarly, if you buy your Disneyland ticket via the app then you’ll only need to show the barcode at the gate.

It’s also worth mentioning that the app is important for using MaxPass.

Get a Locker

Lockers can come in real handy while you’re in Disneyland. There’s s much to do in Disneyland that you may find yourself exhausted or incapable to carry too many items with yourself. However, having a locker means you can stash whatever you want and keep yourself free from any additional stuff that you won’t need throughout your visit.


The Best Hotels Near Hershey Park

Hershey Park is one of the most unique destinations when it comes to family vacations. Why wouldn’t it be? It is a chocolate-themed park after all. Situated just 15 miles northeast of Harrisburg and just south of Tanger Outlet Hershey, this is one of the places to go to with the whole family. Of course if you are making your way to the chocolate themed park with your family, you will all need a good place to stay while you are in the area, right? Finding good hotels that are both convenient and reasonably priced can be a difficult task for someone new to the area. Luckily for you, we have put together this list of the best hotels near Hershey Park.

After going through these, you will have absolutely no problems when deciding on which hotel to stay while you and your family enjoy one of the best vacations possible.

Bear in mind that the list is in a certain order. All of the places we have listed down are among the best hotels near Hershey Park and are all highly rated. The criteria for the order of this list are based on the distance that the best hotels near Hershey Park have from the theme park.

The Hotel Hershey

It only makes sense that the first hotel among the best hotels near Hershey Park will be the Hotel Hershey itself. Established in 1933, it is the official hotel of the town. Situated atop the town of Hershey itself, the Hotel Hershey has over 270 guest rooms which include almost 50 cottages as well. There is a lot of space when it comes to the meeting and function space (over 25,000 square feet of it). The hotel is considered one of the best hotels near Hershey Park because of the fact that it is a recipient of the Forbes Four Star Award and a AAA Four Diamond Award. This is only made better by the fact that the hotel is just half a mile away from the Hershey Park.

With 3 restaurants, a heated indoor swimming pool, an exercise room and full service spa among many other amenities, this is going to be perfect for the whole family. Of course you also can count on the prices to be higher than an average hotel at such an establishment. For the facilities they provide, it only makes sense.

The Best Hotels Near Hershey Park

Days Inn Hershey

Second on the list of the best hotels near Hershey Park comes the Days Inn Hershey. It is located just 0.8 miles away from Hershey Park so you can easily get to and from the park without a problem. The fact that the hotel provides you a free shuttle for the traveling to and from the theme park gives it bonus points for being one of the best hotels near Hershey Park.

The Days Inn Hershey is one of the most relaxing places for the whole family. The modern amenities along with the cozy and warm touches of the interior make it one of the most inviting places when you and your family make their way to Hershey Park.

Every day of your stay, you will get a complimentary breakfast after which you can hitch a ride on the shuttles that are going to and fro from the theme park. This is the closest hotel to the Hershey Park apart from the Hotel Hershey itself. There is a lot of fun to be had at Hershey Park and the Days Inn Hershey makes for the best place to come back to after a fun yet tiring day at the resort.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot Hershey

1.2 miles away from the Hershey Park, the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot Hershey is one of the most popular venues where people come to stay while they are on vacation for the Hershey Park. While it may be a little farther from the other two hotels we have mentioned, it makes up for the increased distance. The hotel is closer to the rest of the town where there are a lot more things to be enjoyed as well.

To add to it, there are a lot of complementary amenities that the Fairfield Inn & Suites Hershey provides. There are microwaves and fridges in every room. There is also an indoor and well heated pool with a fitness facility to go along with it.

Whether you are in the area for a business trip or are traveling with your whole family to enjoy the pleasures of the Hershey Park, this is one best hotels to come to.

Super 8 Hotel Hershey

Other than the Hotel Hershey, the Super 8 Hotel Hershey is one of the highest rated best hotels near Hershey Park. Located just over a mile away from the Hershey Park, it is one of the more affordable hotels in the area as well.

The fact that it is cheaper than other hotels does not take away from the fact that it is an excellent venue for you and your family to make a base of operations while you enjoy the sights and wonders of the Hershey Park on the family vacation.

There are quite a few amenities that the Super 8 Hotel Hershey provides the people coming to stay there including free WiFi and one of the most fulfilling continental breakfasts. There is a fitness center at the hotel as well as a business center. If you happen to be there for official business as well, it can provide you with an excellent place to go about your work without any problems.

Final Thoughts

The best hotels near Hershey Park that we have listed down are some of the most convenient among all of the hotels in the area. These hotels made their place on the list so that the requirements of people with a varying budget range can all find the perfect fit for them. The Hershey Park is one of the most excellent places to go to with over 65 rides and attractions. There are two dozen different roller coasters at the theme park and so much more. It is simply the most amazing family vacation destination. We hope that you find the list of the best hotels near Hershey Park helpful for your next vacation.


Hotels near Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a national park in the United States and located in Utah. The feature of the national park that stands out is the Zion Canyon, which cuts through the Navajo Sandstone. The highest peak is located at Horse Ranch Mountain and the lowest park at Coalpits Wash. At the park, you will encounter a diverse range of plants and animals. There are a few reasons why visitors try to find hotels near Zion National Park.

At the park, you will find lots of exciting activities, from horseback riding, nature walks, and programs held in the evenings. If you want to explore the exotic nature of the park, you can choose from seven trails. You can even camp out in the park on the campgrounds located there.

By staying in a hotel close to the park, you can also explore the nearby attractions, entertainment, and restaurants. If you are trying to find hotels near the park, consider staying in one of the following places:

1. Quality Inn Springdale at Zion Park

Quality Inn Springdale at Zion Park is located at 479 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT, 84767. It is one of the hotels near Zion National Park. Beautiful and breathtaking scenery surrounds the hotel, making your stay in it even more magical.

You will right at home at the hotel, thanks to the variety of amenities it offers its guests. Some of the amenities that require a special shout out include picnic area, playground, outdoor swimming poor, gift shops and newsstands, coffee and tea in a common area, daily housekeeping, free parking, and free highspeed internet.

Once you are relaxed and well rested, enter the Zion National Park from its south entrance, which is 22 minutes away by foot, explore the Zion Human History Museum, swim in the Emerald Pools, and visit the Canyon Junction. These just few of the destinations near your hotel, but all are worth the visit at a least once. However, this is a seasonal hotel and is closed for December until March so plan accordingly if you want to stay here.

2. Best Western Plus Zion Canyon Inn & Suites, Springdale

Best Western Plus Zion Canyon Inn & Suites, Springdale located at 668 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT, 84767 is an amazing hotel to stay in for people who want to stay close to the national park. This is an unforgettable hotel that will leave you impressed and stunned by its stone clad exterior. When you stand at the hotel’s entrance, you will find yourself hypnotized by its mountainous backdrop.

From the inside, the hotel looks spectacular. The spacious rooms with contemporary décor and a combination of colors, revolving around the theme of orange, black, green, brown, and white, will convey the feeling of comfort.

The hotel also offers its guests with a host of amenities and facilities, ranging from an outdoor swimming pool, health club, business center, computer station, meeting room, picnic area, garden, gift shops and newsstands, and more.

From the hotel, you can access the national park from its south entrance. Other nearby places include the DeZion Gallery, LaFave Gallery, Tanner Amphitheater, Canyon Overlook Trail, Pine Creek Canyon Trailhead, and lots more. The hotel offers you free Wi-Fi so you can upload all the amazing pictures and videos you took when you return.

3. La Quinta Inn & Suites Springdale

La Quinta Inn & Suites Springdale is situated at 792 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT, 84767. If you are looking for hotels near Zion National Park, consider booking a room in this one. You will not regret you did due to the luxurious experience its brings to its guests.

The ambiance of the hotel, both indoors and outdoors, is to die for. The hotel’s gorgeous surroundings will spellbind you and convince you to return. Some of the amenities in the hotel include a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, convenience store, fitness center, free highspeed internet, free parking, and self-serve laundry, just to name a few.

Do not spend all of your day in the hotel, but venture outside to visit the national park from its south entrance. Other wonderful places to visit while staying in the hotel include the Chinle Trail, Emerald Pools, Zion Human History Museum, Canyon Junction, DeZion Gallery, LaFave Gallery, Court of the Patriarchs Viewpoint, and more.

4. Hampton Inn & Suites Springdale

Hampton Inn & Suites Springdale, located at 1127 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT, 84767, will not disappoint, but you will be glad that you chose this hotel from all the hotels near Zion National Park. The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, free area shuttle, fitness center, coffee and tea in a common area, snack bar and deli, daily housekeeping, business center, free parking, and free Wi-Fi.

The rooms are equally as impressive as the outside the of hotel, surrounding by brown and reddish mountains that look extra exquisite at sunrise and sunset. Relax and rest in the hotel before you head out to explore the national park from its south entrance, check out the Zion Human History Museum, visit the Zion Canyon Visitor Center, and more.

5. Holiday Inn Express Springdale

Holiday Inn Express Springdale is situated at 1215 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT 84767 and is one of the hotels near Zion National Park you can stay in while visiting Utah.Since the hotel is near the national park, you can imagine the beauty surrounding it. The hotel itself is a work of beauty.

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, free area shutting, business center, fitness center, garden, daily housekeeping, computer station, and lots more. You can also visit the national park from its south entrance. Other nearby places include LaFave Gallery, DeZion Gallery, Chinle Trail, and more. If you are coming to Utah, select one of these hotels near Zion National Park to stay in while you are there. If you are a sports enthusiasts and baseball is your favorite sport, find hotels near Wrigley Field.


Hotels Near Wrigley Field

Hotels near Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is a baseball park and one of the most recognizable attractions in Chicago, Illinois. The stadium is home to the Chicago Cubs. The stadium received its name from William Wrigley Jr., the chewing gum magnate and owner of the Wrigley Company, who acquired the stadium.

Since then, the stadium has been used for a variety of events such as baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and concerts. The stadium has even been featured in a couple of movies such as “The Blues Brothers,” “The Natural,” “Rookie of the Year,” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” If you are visiting Chicago, you can book a stay in one of the hotels near Wrigley Field. Here is a list of hotels to consider staying in when you visit the city:

1. City Suites Hotel

City Suites Hotel is located at 933 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL, 60657 and remains one of the most popular hotels near Wrigley Field to live in during your vacation. bright and modern theme using the colors green, yellow, blue, and purple adorn the entire room. The wall décor the flat screen TV will enhance your experience living in the hotel.

The hotel also features self-parking, coffee and tea in a common area, fireplace in the lobby, free continental breakfast, free highspeed internet, daily housekeeping, and lots more. On foot, the Wrigley Field is only 15 minutes away. Other tourist attractions a short distance away from your hotel include Lincoln Park, Vic Theatre, Park West, North Avenue Beach, Kingstone Mines, and more.

2. The Majestic Hotel

The Majestic Hotel is situated at 528 W Brompton Ave, Chicago, IL, 60657. You will fall in love with the beautiful and eye-catching interior of the hotel. Inside the hotel, you will encounter the lobby decorated with wooden furniture, blazing fireplace, beige sofas, and green bookshelf with baseball bats stacked on it, among other baseball items.

The rooms of the hotel are spacious with black and brown décor spread throughout it. Once you are well rested, you can explore the many amenities of the hotel. The hotel offers you a fitness center, daily housekeeping, meeting room, free continental breakfast, free highspeed internet, coffee and tea in a common area, room service, concierge services, and more.

Outside the hotel, you will find a ton of tourist hotspots, specifically the Wrigley Field, which on foot, is only 17 minutes away. Other places to visit while you are staying in this hotel include the Apollo Theater Chicago, North Avenue Beach, Park West, Vic Theater, Lincoln Park, and more.

3. Best Western Plus Hawthorne Terrace Hotel

Best Western Plus Hawthorne Terrace Hotel is located at 3434 N. Broadway Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60657. If you still have not found the perfect hotels near Wrigley Field to stay in on your trip to the city, consider staying in this hotel.

The rooms of the hotel are outfitted with a refrigerator, microwave, free toiletries, microwave, private bathroom, and a flat screen TV with premium TV channels. You will feel like a royal living in this hotel. The hotel provides its guests with a host of amenities, which include a spa tub, terrace, computer station, business center, coffee and tea in a common area, daily housekeeping, fitness center, and other facilities to make your life easier.

The best part about booking a room in this hotel is that several popular attractions are only a short walk away, including the Wrigley Field, which is 18 minutes away on foot.

4. Hotel Zachary Chicago, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Hotel Zachary Chicago, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel is located at 3630 N Clark St, Chicago, IL, 60613 is a wonderful hotel to stay in while you are in the city. The rooms of the hotel are in every essence on what you call exquisite.

The list of never-ending amenities is what makes this a great place to stay. The main amenities of the hotel include restaurant and bar with lounge area, breakfast area, valet parking, fitness center, meeting rooms, luggage storage, free highspeed internet, and more.

If you are coming with your entire family or a group of friends, you can get connecting or adjoining rooms. The hotel is one minute away from the Wrigley Field. Do not visit just the Wrigley Field, but take advantage of the hotel’s location and visit the Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Concord Music Hall, Kingston Mines, Apollo Theater Chicago, Vic Theater, and other awesome places.

5. The Wheelhouse Hotel

The Wheelhouse Hotel is situated at the 3475 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL, 60657 and is at an ideal location. It is one of the hotels near Wrigley Field. In fact, Wrigley Field is only a short walk away from the hotel. You will like staying in the hotel due to its warm and inviting atmosphere. Adding to the hotel’s comfort are its spacious rooms, comfortable beds, and sober and calming use of colors.

The hotel also provides its guests with numerous amenities such as a restaurant and bar with lounge, breakfast area, daily housekeeping, luggage storage, tour and ticket assistance, free highspeed internet, rooftop terrace, and more. Step outside of the hotel, beyond the Wrigley Field, to visit the Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Park West, North Avenue Beach, Apollo Theater Chicago, Vic Theater, and lots more.

Are you coming down to Illinois, Chicago? If you are, choose from these hotels near Wrigley Field. You will have a fantastic time exploring the area around it. If sports are not your thing, but gambling in casinos is your cup of tea, check out the hotels near Foxwoods . Wherever you choose to go, you will have a fun and enjoyable time for sure.  


Hotels Near Foxwoods

Planning on a trip to Foxwoods to try your luck at their premium casinos? We just know you’re going to divide your luck in poker, roulette, craps and blackjack in all of the six casinos. If not these, then you’re definitely going to win something from the 5500 slot machines!

What still remains the problem is that you need some luck with the overbooked hotels near Foxwoods. This blog post is going to direct you to the best hotels near Foxwoods.

Hotels near Foxwoods

Foxwoods Resort Casino has 4 hotels which are on-site and 2 which are connected to the casino itself. The newest hotel, Two Trees Inn, had its launch in 2008 and you can find it at the opposite end of Route Two. You may even see some shuttles moving the guests to and fro with the hotels’ name on it. Let’s not ramble on any further and introduce you to the on-site hotels near Foxwoods Casino resort.

On-Site Hotels near Foxwoods Casino Resort

Fox Tower

This hotel had been introduced initially as part of MGM Grand at the resort, but after their deal came to an end in 2014, it was named Fox Towers. This hotel is the largest one on-site with a cumulative of 825 premium rooms for all the visitors of the resort.

The vibe around the hotel is very colorful and hip, while visitors will have an access to a lot of other entertainment and latest gaming options. One of these is the Tanger Outlets where you can shop away with your winnings!

The Foxwoods resort is connected to the main property of the hotel, therefore your vacation can become somewhat of a staycation! Fox Tower also has gorgeous G Spas, outdoor pools, and dining room services from 6 am to 11 pm every day. Other than these, you can also avail complimentary valet parking services and a great business center!

Grand Pequot Tower

Second on the list of hotels near Foxwoods is this 23 story tower which has above 300 guest rooms which are best known for the dining services they offer. If you want to upsize your experience, you can even get yourself the Foxwoods Villas, which will pamper you into a comma!

Other than the Villas, all the amenities offered by this hotel are ultra luxurious, like the spacious suites, large Jacuzzis, round the clock butler services and huge television sets! If you ever come out of your room, you can visit its Norwich Spa which has beautiful indoor pools.

Great Cedar Hotel

This hotel is at the heart of the casino, and again has over 300 suites and rooms. The hotel provides dining services at the average hours daily from 6 am to 11 pm. You can avail indoor pools, meeting and conference facilities, and exercise facilities here; and at moderate prices. Some us want to save our winnings, don’t we? 

Two Trees Inn

As we began the article on best hotels near Foxwoods, we mentioned the classic site of shuttles with this hotel’s name on them. Other than a nice transport service, you can relax your luck at the luxurious heated pool or pump it up at the fitness room. If you’ve had a long night here, you can start the morning with some refreshing coffee in the lobby and later you can get on board one of those shuttles.

This hotel is the best option if,you  plan to visit the Rhode Island beaches with your family. You can even bring your dogs and cats along, as the rooms are pet-friendly! Lastly, other than the usual room dining service, the hotel has its own restaurant called ‘The Grill at Two Trees’.

Man at Neon Lit Game

Other Hotels near Foxwoods

The Spa at Norwich Inn

When the adrenaline at the Foxwoods Casinos gets too much, you can relax at The Spa at Norwich Inn. You can get pampered to prep you for the wins and losses of every day! This hotel is only fifteen minutes away from Foxwoods and is also owned by the Mashantucket Pequot casinos.

Mystic Hilton

This hotel is also located within walking distance of Foxwoods casinos and offers 182 exquisite rooms with complete services. The amenities offered by this hotel include a restaurant, lounge, fitness centre and an indoor swimming pool. You can also get access to Whirlpool rooms which have high-speed internet and personal butler services.

Mystic Marriot Hotel & Spa

This hotel is a little further away as opposed to ones mentioned above. The Mystic Marriot hotel is just 20 minutes away which is why it has made it to list of best hotels near Foxwoods. You can find this hotel has a lot of rooms to offer from its total of 282 suites. The highlight of this hotel is the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa alongside premium fitness centers, whirlpools, and indoor swimming pools.

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Bellissimo Grande Hotel

The Bellissimo Grande is probably the closest hotel to the Foxwoods Casino Resort, and is very affordable – if that is what you’re looking for. You can enjoy easy access to the spas, heated pools and some more upscale amenities.

The Hilltop Inn & Suites

Even though this hotel is three miles off from the resort, we would like to include this hotel in the list of best hotels near Foxwoods. It is located in North Stonington, and if that sounds too far off, then you should know the hotel offers free shuttles to the casino resort! Other than the perfect shuttle service, this hotel offers free Wi-Fi, and exquisite continental breakfast services. Of course if the sites here bore you out quickly, you can always continue your vacation somewhere else; perhaps a destination closer to your home? You can check out flights to Colorado if you’re on your way to exploring the Garden of the Gods!We assure you, if Foxwoods is not your cup of tea, then Colorado definitely will be!


Hotels Near Fenway Park: What Options Do You Have

Known as America’s most beloved ballpark, the Fenway Park has been the home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912. It also has the honor of being the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. Fenway Park holds a special place amongst the hearts and minds of baseball enthusiasts all over the country. People travel from far and wide to watch their favorite team play at the iconic location. Baseball is one of the most favorite sports in the US and Fenway Park is the embodiment of that passion. It is by far one of the most well-known sports venues in the world.

About Fenway Park

Despite being one of the most famous venues in the world, Fenway Park is not huge. Although its legacy is, the Park itself is quite humble. The total seating capacity here is less than 40,000. The Fenway Park became 100 years old in April 2012. The same year it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. It holds a special place is the hearts and minds of not only the spectators but players who have been a part of the teams that have played and won World Series Championships at the historic venue.

Now, there are chances that you are visiting the city of Boston for an iconic game anytime in the future. One of the biggest concerns in this regard is finding hotels near Fenway Park. Given below is a list of affordable places to stay near the Park. You can also view hotels near AT&T Stadium if you have plans to visit the venue anytime soon.

1. Residence Inn by Marriott

Marriott is one the finest hotel chains in the world. It holds the honor of having branches all over the world and serving millions of customers every year. The brand has one of its best hotels near Fenway Park. The Residence Inn is an upscale hotel located within 0.1 miles of the Park. It has 8 floors and 175 suites which mean that if you get a room on one of the top floors the view is just spectacular. The Residence Inn is branded as an extended stay-hotel with heated indoor pool, exercise room and all-suites that have kitchens attached to them. It has a superb 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor which shows that it is an absolute visitors favorite.

2. Verb Hotel

A midscale hotel near Fenway Park, Verb Hotel Boston is a lodging facility that is just 0.2 miles away from it. The Hotel also has a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor which is high praise for a more affordable living solution. It has just two floor and little over 90 rooms, but all other facilities are abundantly available. Pool, Wi-Fi, parking and pet friendly; you name it and they have it. It is not exactly luxurious but for the prices that they charge, it is well worth it. 

3. Hotel Commonwealth

If midscale living is not your forte, this hotel near Fenway Park offers another high-end living alternative. It sits around 0.2 miles away from the legendary Park and is a full-service hotel. There are two restaurants, 24-hour room service, exercise rooms and pet friendly environment. It has a AAA 4 Diamond rating and is located on 500 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. The ratings from customers are very high but it is important to note that every customer and their experiences are different so make sure that you do some reading on your own before picking the best choice of hotel near Fenway Park.

4. Eliot Hotel Boston

As high as the stakes are for a hotel near Fenway Park, customers are spoilt for choice. Another upscale lodging service that sits at 370 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston is the Eliot Hotel. It also has the prestigious AAA 4 Diamond rating from the industry and a staggering 4.5-star rating from customers making an effective combination that surely won’t disappoint. It has 9 floors which house 95 rooms and suites but with the popularity that it has, it is important that you make a reservation well in advance of your arrival here. The hotel allows pets with no additional charge but does not offer the services of a pool. That is compensated with 24-hour room service if that is your kind of thing.

5. Hyatt Regency Hotel

The crown jewel of the hotel industry; Hyatt also has a AAA 3 Diamond rated hotel near Fenway Park. It sits just 0.6 miles away and is the hotel that provides the widest range of facilities and services to its visitors. It is also within close vicinity of MIT and downtown Cambridge apart from being close to Fenway Park. There are 16 floors and 469 rooms and suites. If you’re lucky you can get one of the rooms on the top floor with stunning views. Although it is pet friendly, the hotel charges extra for your furry friends but restricts the number to two animals per room.

There are a lot of other hotels surrounding Fenway Park and each has its own pros and cons. At the end of the day, the decision rests with you which hotel near Fenway Park you choose to stay at.

In conclusion, we would like to point out that hotel arrangements are something you have to plan in advance of your trip because at the last moment there are a number of inconveniences that you might have to face. There are a large number of hotels around Fenway Park and all of them offer excellent services but at the last minute you might not find the best and most affordable ones even if you tried extensively.