Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world right now. If you want us to point out why that’s the case, we wouldn’t have space to talk about anything else. There are just so many reasons for that. Off the top of our heads, we can come up with these. The exchange rates that you get in Thailand are amazing, you get some of the best food in the world in Thailand and their tourist visa is one of the easiest affairs in the world. What more could you ask for? The number of foreign visitors to Thailand annually has increased exponentially and it is no surprise. The place has so much to offer to the world. From simply relaxing on the beach at Koh Samui to bar hopping in the metropolitan yet culturally rich Bangkok, you would be surprised at all the things you can do there. Of course, the timing is everything. This is why we have put together this guide for the best time to visit Thailand. Use this guide before booking your ticket to get the absolute best experience of Thailand on your next vacation.

Best Time to Visit Thailand in Good Weather

We have all seen the sunny and bright photos on the internet. Do not expect the Land of Smiles to be all bright and sunny every day of the year. There is such a thing as the tropical downpour which you can find in Thailand as well. If you’re not the kind of person who like rain, the rainy season in Thailand can completely ruin the experience for you.

Thailand Beautiful Blue Sky Weather

The best time to visit Thailand and avoid the rainy season is between the tail end of November to the end of April. These are the months where you can expect the sunniest blue skies lighting up your day one day at a time. It is the best time to visit Thailand for a lot of people. July to October in Thailand sees the tropical rains begin in Thailand but the real brunt of it is seen in May. That’s the one month of the year you would best do to avoid.

Best Time to Visit Thailand for the Beaches

Yes, there is a best time to visit Thailand if you want to make the best of the beaches there. A lot of people don’t think the idea of going to another country in the peak of the winter is the best but hand on a minute. At its worst in the northern areas, the winter in Bangkok won’t require you to wear anything more than a light sweater. There are plenty of clear blue skies to be enjoyed from December to February.

You see, the tropical climate makes the winters quite pleasant in Thailand. If you are someone looking to enjoy your time at the beach to the fullest, this is the best time to visit Thailand.

The air is not as humid as you could expect from Thailand, the sun won’t burn your skin right off and the light evening breeze is just magical. There is nothing more you could ask for from Thailand’s beaches during this time.

Thailand Bright Sky Beaches

Best Time to Visit Thailand for a Cheap Vacation

The fact that over the past ten years or so, more and more people have started vacationing in Thailand means that the peak seasons to visit Thailand are more expensive than the rest of the year. Everything in Thailand is relatively cheaper than other vacation spots in the world. The transportation, the souvenirs, the food and the activities don’t get as expensive as you can expect. The value for the money you spend on these things is still pretty solid. The issue only arises in the aspect of actually making your way to Thailand.

The increasing number of people from foreign countries every year has resulted in a huge rise of ticket prices. The flights going to Thailand can be enormously expensive.

People find themselves returning from the country, families are taking advantage of their children’s’ schools being off for the vacations and people just want to make the best of their New Years vacations. This also results in an increase of the price tags when it comes to finding accommodations while you are there.

So what is the best time to visit Thailand for the cheapest vacation? Well, when the season is not on, of course. Booking a flight to Thailand becomes considerably cheaper during the months of March and October. June and July usually see the prices go up again because of people flooding in to enjoy their summer vacations. The absolutely cheapest flights to Bangkok, however, can be bought in the months of September and April. With the price differences for return tickets to Thailand in these two months, you can see yourself saving up to $500. That is half a thousand more bucks you can spend on partying in Thailand’s amazing beaches, folks.

The Worst Time to Visit Thailand

To be very honest with you, there is no real “worst time to visit Thailand”. Yes, some people might not enjoy the torrential tropical rain and the overcrowded marketplaces can make you go nuts sometimes but there is so much more to make up for it. You will always get the amazing noodles, the coconuts, the beaches are not going anywhere and then there are the renowned Thai massages. They are there for you all year round and we see no reason why any time is not the best time to visit Thailand.

Rainy Weather Thailand

Of course, if all you want from Thailand is a good tan to show off when you get back home, you should avoid Thailand from July to October. You won’t get a lot of sun in those days. The monsoon season is not something that a lot of people like very much. The whole country sees the impact of the monsoon rains. Chiang Mai actually starts to feel a little chilly because of the wet weather during the monsoons. Of course if the beaches are not for you and you find that your favorite times to visit Thailand happen to be quite expensive, there are other options you can consider; perhaps a destination closer to your home? You can check out the best time to visit the Grand Canyon. We assure you, if Thailand is not your cup of tea, the Grand Canyon definitely is.