Best Time to Visit Ireland

When you look at all the photos from Ireland, the landscape looks so green and luscious, doesn’t it? The ground reality of it is far from the photographs. Ireland, when you see it in real life, is a lot more beautiful. The photographs just cannot compare to what it is really like. Ireland is a land which has a rich culture and history. A lot of poems and political revolutions are part of its history. That and the pubs that it boasts have no rivals anywhere in the world. Oh and the rain can be unrelenting. It is one of the best places in the world to live in. It also happens to be one of the best places to visit for your vacations for all these reasons and more. If you are planning to make a trip to the land of the Irish, we will help in sorting you out so you can decide what is the best time to visit Ireland.

You see, there is no real “perfect” time that you can make a visit to Ireland. With the changing seasons throughout the year, the Emerald Isle has something different to all those who go there. The winters are riddled with occasional drizzling and they are quiet. Ireland is very peaceful in the cold winter months. The spring season sees the Isle turn into an endless party as the folks over in Ireland celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day. The summers see some of the most amazing weather you would want to experience but it is quite a busy time of the year in terms of visitors. Then there are the autumn months – the weather is nice and the number of people visiting is less. It’s quite a good balance between the two.

Of course deciding on the best time to visit Ireland is something you will better decide. We have put together some important information that will help you make the best possible decision so you can enjoy the best of Ireland how you would like it.

Riber Bridge Dublin Ireland

The best time to visit Ireland when you want pleasant weather

The weather in Ireland sees a lot of change throughout the year but it never goes to unbearable extremes. The temperature has fallen below zero but rarely and it never goes higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the peak of the summer months. There is the aspect of cloudy skies being followed by sunny skies really fast. It does not matter what time of the year it is.

There is one thing that you need to acknowledge and accept – It rains quite a bit throughout the year in Ireland. If you are looking for the sunniest days in the country while you’re there, the best time to visit Ireland is in the summers.

The months of July and August enjoy the sunniest of days that the country has to offer. The only thing is that you will find Ireland to be quite busy in those days.

If you are okay with the occasional rains, pleasantly cold weather and cloudy skies, you will find Ireland to be a very good place to visit from November through to February. Apart from being a bit darker, colder and wet, it is also quiet and cozy.

The best time to visit Ireland when it comes to the events and festivals

Yes, yes, we know about St. Patrick’s Day. That is the one thing everybody in the world knows about and Ireland has a reputation for celebrating the day vigorously. We feel like it is important to let you know that while it may seem like the best time to visit Ireland, there is still plenty more that the country can offer you. St. Patrick’s Day has a reputation for being one of the most raucous celebratory events in the country but there is more.

Let’s take for instance the 16th of June. Every year, the streets of Dublin find themselves filling to the brim with devotees of James Joyce as they celebrate Bloomsday. This day is the anniversary of when Joyce’s novel Ulysses happens to take place. The novel is a groundbreaking piece of literature and the Irish celebrate it whole-heartedly. For those who appreciate good literature and feel like partaking in the celebration of a wonderful novelist, it is one of the best times to visit Ireland.

Worst Times to Visit Ireland

We have told you how wonderful the country of Ireland is. By now you do understand quite a bit about the best time to visit Ireland. The fact that there aren’t any specifics means there really is no perfect time to visit Ireland. We will, however, tell you about the worst time to visit the country. This will help you better decide on the best time to visit Ireland.

Ireland St. Patrick’s Day Calendar

Summer season is quite busy in Ireland. There are hoards of people coming into the country to enjoy the excellent sunny weather that is nothing short of majestic. Locals and visitors all love the pleasant summers. This means that it is high season in Ireland during the summers.

Soon after St. Patrick’s Day, the high summer season begins. That means the number of people coming to the country and the price tags for accommodations both go up. It will be much better for you to not think about traveling to and from the country around the 16th of March. It will be so busy that you won’t even be able to head out of the Temple Bar District in Dublin.

The winter is a quiet time to visit Ireland. It is peaceful, cozy and cheap. The thing is that if you cannot stand the cold weather and (quite) a bit of rain to go along with it, it’s best that you stay away during the peak of the cold weather.

That leaves the spring and the fall seasons. Ideally, we could say that the best time to visit Ireland is in the middle of these two seasons.