Best Time to Visit Alaska

Best Time to Visit Alaska

Oh, Alaska. A lot of people from America visiting Alaska for the first time are shocked at the size of the state of Alaska. Alaska is indeed a part of the United States. The language spoken in Alaska is English and the currency used there is the U.S. dollar. Other than these trivial things, the state is completely another place. The tall snow-capped peaks, the glaciers, the fjords and the wild coastal plains resemble a land foreign to the rest of the country. You’re probably wondering what the best time to visit Alaska is, right?

The Brooks Mountain Range in the northern most part of Alaska are 700 miles from the coast. The range goes into the Yukon Territory in Canada. There is Denali in the Southern part of Fairbanks. It is the tallest mountain in the continent which stands at over 20,000 feet tall. As you go further along the coast, the mountains get smaller in size and much rounder in comparison to the razor sharp snow-capped peaks. The lower altitudes even see lush greens riddling the land mass which can be seen with a backdrop of tidewater glaciers. It is simply an incredible view to behold.

Now that there are so many regions, there is so much you can do when you make your way to Alaska. It is overwhelming and there is no way you can do it all in a single trip to the state.

Before you book your flight to Alaska, here are some of the most important things you should know about the best time to visit Alaska so that you can make the most of it.

Best Time to Visit Alaska

There are several ways in which you can bask in the beauty of Alaska.

Best Time to Visit Alaska in a Cruise

One of the most popular ways to enjoy the beauty of this state is through cruising. There are ships which sail throughout the summer months but there are a lot of advantages for those who visit in the cruise season. The people visiting Alaska in May will have a far better time.

May is not only the driest month in Alaska, it is also not crowded as much. The best time to visit Alaska through cruises is just before the proper cruising season begins. The fares are a lot lower, there are less people there and you can get a better view of the Alaskan wildlife. June in Alaska has the most daylight while July is when Alaska gets as warm as it possibly can. Oh and you can even see the humpback whales when you go to Alaska through cruise in July.

Best Time to Visit Alaska for a Fishing Experience


Alaska offers some of the greatest fishing grounds. Considering the fact that the fishing industry in Alaska is raking in billions every year, which is not a surprise. The seafood you get from Alaska is the biggest source of income for the state. Ketchikan is a fishing town which is found in the southern most part of Alaska. This is a particularly amazing destination for those with a knack for fishing. It is known as the salmon capital in the world and with good reason. The best time to visit Alaska for fishing is in the month of July. The waters see their temperatures rise up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ketchikan is just one of the many fishing towns in Alaska. Almost any town you visit on the coastline in Alaska will be a decent fishing spot. The fishing opportunities to be had in the state are innumerable. There are hundreds of lakes in the northern most state in the United States and all of them are filled with some of the best fish you could catch. Mid May to July are the best months to catch the famous Alaskan King Salmon. You can even head to the Quartz Lake if you want to try your hand out on ice fishing. For that you have to go in the month of October when the ice is properly formed and thick. It is the best time to visit Alaska for ice fishing but it will be cold. Remember that.

Best Time to Visit Alaska for the National Parks

It goes without saying that the best time to visit Alaska to enjoy the wildlife and the National Parks will be in the warmer months. The places like Denali National Park and Glacier Bay National Park are majestic when you go to them in the month of July and August. There is a lot of daylight in which you can see all the wildlife and enjoy the incredible views in the Denali National Park.

If you want to enjoy the Alaskan National Parks in a more remote manner, you can try and come in the month of September. That is when the season is ending and it is getting colder. There are fewer people making their way to the northern most state in the US and the guided tour buses are still running.

Of course, September is also the time where you get to see all the beautiful autumn colors. The berry bushes turn a delightful bright red color and the mountains have an ephemeral golden glow. That sort of a premise before the clear night skies makes it all the more worth it.

Best Time to Visit Alaska to Witness the Aurora Borealis

We know you had been waiting throughout the time you were reading for this. The Aurora Borealis is one of the main reasons why people from all over the country want to come to Alaska. It is magical and it is awe inspiring.

More commonly known as the Northern Lights by a lot of people, the best time to visit Alaska to see them is right at the end of August and through to the month of April. There are a lot of clear skies and some pretty good Aurora activity to be seen and enjoyed.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Seriously, what are you still doing here? Make your reservations and book your flights right away. It is not like you are the only person reading about the best time to visit Alaska, right? Make sure that you get all your travel plans sorted out in advance so that you can completely bask in the glory that is the state of Alaska. Feel free to contact us for any more information about this. We’d be more than happy to tell you.

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