Are You Ready to Explore Savannah, GA?

As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah holds a colorful and long history. It is chock-full of attractive characters along with beautiful locales. Founded by General James Edward Oglethorpe, a Member of Parliament and British Philanthropist, in 1733, this old city was organized into various grids and was named ‘America’s First Planned City.”

From horse-drawn carriages, manicured parks to ornate antebellum, it is no wonder that Savannah is among the most visited cities in the entire South.

So are you all set to visit this beautiful city?

If yes, let us help make your trip just as interesting and better as it could be. To help you experience the true essence of this beautiful and one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the country, we’ve compiled a list of things that are must to do while visiting Savannah, GA.

Savannah is best known for offering a range of activities regardless of the season, so if you are visiting the old city for the first time or are already familiar with some areas, we promise this list will help you find new intriguing activities while you enjoy your stay there.

Excited to find out? Let’s start exploring!

Get Artistic – The Owens-Thomas House

If you are fond of architecture or an architecture guru, you definitely going to love this well known Savannah staple. In fact, anyone who visits this place is sure to appreciate the good bit of history and luxury living and this makes Owens-Thomas House a must place to visit in Savannah, GA.

This remarkable architecture is the key representation of English Regency architecture. This house was actually built in the year 1819. It is large enough to easily fill the entire block.

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The house was built by the famous Bermuda merchant, an English architect and was later bought by some congressman. Today, this is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. However, the house can be visited at some particular hours only so don’t forget to confirm the timings before heading over. Also, on the block of the house are the parterre garden, carriage house and the earliest intact urban slave quarters.

Throw a Frisbee – Forsyth Park

Even though the historic Savannah district is already beautiful enough on its own, this park simply adds to the charm.

Fichier:Forsyth Park Fountain (1).jpg

Forsyth Park is one of the perfect places for throwing a Frisbee or lounging in the grass. Since 1840, this tourist spot occupies almost 30 acres in the entire Historic District. A lush, green and beautiful landscape that is popular with both locals and tourist alike.

What else could be more refreshing than spending time in 30 acres of flowers, trees, and other foliage!  Don’t worry about the activities in the park as there is always something happening here. Form farmer’s market to open-air concerts, Forsyth Park is must go place that welcomes you even on Saturday.

The iconic and famous water fountain located at the center is itself a landmark. Indeed, a quaint café, walking trails, and Fragrant Garden make it the most photographed spots in the entire Savannah. So don’t forget to add Forsyth Park to your exciting list of things to do in Savannah, GA.

Enjoy the Nightlife – The Historic Savannah Theater

Adding more to the rich history of this old city, Lucas Theater is the oldest yet continually operating theater in the entire United States? The theater was built in the year 1818 and opened with a comedy in December.

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Today, the location where it sits is known as Chippewa Square. It has become the most exciting part of Savannah entertainment and nightlife, thanks to the oldest theater. The theater, after million dollar restoration, has now become the most vibrant and lively center for opera, country music concerts, orchestras, and various film festivals.

It remains full of people and every week, more than 1000 people come and enjoy entertainment while others simply stop to have a detailed look at the mastery and splendid architecture represented by this building.

Now, as the theater offers nightly shows, it is also the most visited place by cinema geeks. To your surprise, just right outside the theater sits a bench on which multiple scenes of the famous movie, Forrest Gump were shot. Now you can probably imagine how popular spot it is for photography.

Stroll along the River – The Savannah Waterfront

If you haven’t known; Savannah also has a river waterfront, that is, it has its own river. Historically, Savannah’s River Street was popular as the warehouse row that supported the cotton industry.

However, it was abandoned for many decades right after the epidemic of yellow fever but soon it was rediscovered and was put back into use in the 1960s. The beautiful river street now welcomes thousands of guests, who walk the cobblestone streets while watching centuries of history, laid out in front of them.

All of this can easily be experienced when you walk past the many businesses within the old abandoned warehouses located right on this river.

So regardless, if you are looking for dining, shopping, galleries or even drinking, you can find it all here quite easily. You cannot enjoy the true essence of this historic city without admiring the beauty at Savannah’s waterfront. This scenic stroll is certainly one of the first things to do in Savannah, GA.

Savannah with its Southern accents, Spanish moss and the lush green landscape is more appealing than Charleston, South Caroline. This great historic city offers an eccentric streak. This long-standing city has everything to make your trip memorable. There is a reason why it is known as the most beautiful coastal landscape throughout the country.

It has a vibrant rich history and captivating preserved architecture. While some residents of Savannah history are quite famous – like the popular Forrest Gump scene and life of Juliette Gordon Low, some are still lesser known.

Last but not the least, do you know that Savannah was giving as the Christmas gift, in the Civil War, to President Lincoln? And what a beautiful gift Savannah still is!

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