6 Reasons to Book a Flight to Puerto Rico

Just over a couple of hours in a flight when you take off from the Continental United States is the American territory Puerto Rico. It is a whole blend of different influences from several cultures that gel together one of the most beautiful vacation destinations that you can go to. This Island brings together a blend of Spanish, Indian and African influences to create one of the most culturally rich islands in the region. With sandy beaches, thick tropical forests and one of the most prolific nightclub scenes, you shouldn’t waste your time in booking a flight to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico offers an exotic taste of the Caribbean

When you visit the island, aside from taking pictures of the beautiful beaches while you ride the ferry, there are a lot of other things that you can do. There are several reasons for you to book a flight to Puerto Rico and here is a look at some of them.

1. Open For Business

This might come as a bit of a surprise for you if you know about what is said on media concerning Puerto Rico. People think that there is no water and electricity in Puerto Rico. But the reality is that it is only a problem in some remote villages. There are several cities like San Juan that are not only popular tourist destinations but are also going to welcome you for business.

You can see a lot of resorts that are seeing themselves be rebuilt. There are a lot of new restaurants opening up and the nightlife in Puerto Rico is in full swing. This is one of the best reasons to grab a flight to Puerto Rico right now. Because it is open for the taking. It is easily going to provide you all the amenities that you can expect.

2. Less Crowded

Another reason why Puerto Rico would make for an excellent vacation destination is the fact that it is not that crowded. Everybody wants to enjoy the beaches in the Caribbean but the high season sees a lot of people flock into the different islands. It takes away the charm of the Caribbean beaches. You will not be facing that problem when you book a flight to Puerto Rico. It is the perfect time to go to Puerto Rico right now. Because a lot of its Caribbean secrets are still not well known to people. Plenty of good waves to catch, sunbathing is blissful and barely another soul on the beach can make Puerto seem like pure magic.

3. Hotels Open and Operational

Hotels and resorts like the La Concha Resort on the main beach in San Juan are all completely open for business now. With many more hotels and resorts being rebuilt and even more being made from scratch, it is the perfect time to book a flight to Puerto Rico. There are a lot of restaurants and nightclubs around the resort that people flock to. This is also one of the reasons why you can find a lot of peace when you are at the beach. While the whole world is under the presumption that Puerto Rico is in complete ruins but when you go there, you see how dream like this place has become.

4. The Rich Culture

The demographic in Puerto Rico consists of Spanish African and Taino descendants. The Taino are the largest indigenous people from the Caribbean region. There is a lot for you to enjoy if you are looking to absorb the rich culture that Puerto Rico has to offer. The nightlife, the unique cuisine, the outdoor marketplaces and the countless festivals make for some of the most amazing experiences for tourists to Puerto Rico. It’s one of the main reasons why a lot of people are booking their flights to Puerto Rico nowadays.

5. Snorkelling


Through San Juan, you can even get a lot of access to some really good snorkelling action. Vieques is an island which is just off the coast of Puerto Rico that you can go to by ferry from San Juan. The island is particularly popular with snorkelling enthusiasts. The coral reef that surrounds the island is rich with aquatic life. There are lobsters, turtles, and several different species of tropical fishes in the waters surrounding the island. The summer months are the best time to book a flight to Puerto Rico for snorkelling. The crowds mellow down in the area but the calmer waters provide some of the clearest conditions for a good snorkelling expedition.

6. Rain Forests

There is a lot of greenery to be found and enjoyed in Puerto Rico. If you want to enjoy some dense rain forests, you will find that just 40 minutes away from the city of San Juan is the El Yunque National Forest. A 28,000 acre rainforest which has everything from wild orchids to waterfalls and tree frogs. There is a lot of wildlife for you to see and be amazed by when you go to the El Yunque rainforest. Be careful though. There is a lot of rain that you can expect when you go to the rain forests as it records between 200 to 240 inches of rain every year. While there’s no particular season to grab a flight to Puerto Rico to enjoy the rainforests, you should still try to time it when there is less rain.

Final Thoughts

The best possible way for you to enjoy the whole island of Puerto Rico is through renting a car and travelling by road. If you’re not very good at driving yourself, there are plenty of mini buses in the island that you can travel on. The roads are pretty winding and dangerous so it is better to opt for public transport.

If you’re not someone who really enjoys the sub tropical climate and you want to have a vacation closer to the American heartland, you might want to book yourself a flight to Nashville. It’s a pretty great place to visit for your vacation throughout the year.

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