5 Hotels Near the Mohegan Sun that are Worth a visit

Hotels Near the Mohegan

Travelling is one of the most exciting parts of life. A person, who travels even periodically, is much more content with life as compared to a person who does not. This is a psychological phenomenon proven by research. Travelling has a profound impact on the brain and certain hormones are released that soothe the soul. However, even besides all the boring science lessons’, travelling is just an amazing experience in itself. The ability to meet new people and learn something new about the places you travel is pleasing to the heart and mind.

It is not necessary that you travel beyond the borders of a country. The United States has 50 territories that offer numerous treasures to explore. One such place is the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut. It began operations in October 1996 and has today become of the biggest casinos in America. Visitors flock here from all around the world in the hopes of creating something out of nothing or a lot out of something.

Sitting along the Banks of the Thames River, this space in the foothills of southeastern Connecticut attracts around 60% of all tourism to the state. Therefore, if you are planning a visit to Uncasville, Connecticut, this is where you need to go.

However, once there, you will need a place to stay. In case you have a trip on the cards, but have not picked out a hotel yet, we are easing your pain with the list that follows.

The best hotels in vicinity of the Mohegan Sun


There is a wide variety of hotels near this famous casino. While individual experiences can vary from person to person, here is a list of the top-rated lodging in the region.

i. Mohegan Sun Hotel:

The top of the list is the upscale Mohegan Sun Hotel. It is part of the Mohegan Sun Casino and has more than 1500 rooms. The hotel offers some state of the art facilities to visitors like a full service spa, heated indoor swimming pool, restaurant, lounges and much more. It holds a prestigious AAA Four Diamond rating and some amazing reviews on websites like TripAdvisor. One important thing to note is that the hotel does not allow pets on the premises. This is by far the best rated hotels in the area and if you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay, this is your destination.

ii. Hyatt Palace Hotel

Hyatt is amongst one of the largest hotel chains in the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the upscale hotel has a branch in Uncasville. It sits only around 0.8 miles from the Mohegan Sun and offers the best in terms of facilities that a vacationer would want. With little over 170 rooms, it is not as big as the Mohegan Sun Hotel but it is nowhere small in terms of facilities. If you choose to stay here, you get a free shuttle to the Casino, gym, swimming pool, a 24-hour self-service restaurant and much more. A mark in favor of Hyatt Palace is that it is pet friendly so you can bring your furry friends along too.

iii. Holiday Inn Norwich

As we move further from the Mohegan Casino, names that are more renowned crop up. Holiday Inn is one of these. It sits almost 1.5 miles away from the Mohegan Sun Casino on 10 Laura Boulevard, Norwich but this is one commute you will absolutely love. The hotel also provides a free shuttle to the Mohegan Sun Casino along with the other shebang. These include heated indoor swimming pool, two restaurants and basic features like free parking and Wi-Fi. The hotel has six floors that house 134 rooms, which are usually full of guests. In order to avoid the inconvenience, be sure to book a room in advance.

iv. Courtyard by Marriott Hotel

Another gem in the world’s hotel industry is Marriott. The prestigious chain has a branch on 181 West Town Street, Norwich. Visitors have given it commendable ratings although it is 4.4 miles away from the Mohegan Sun Casino. Courtyard by Marriott makes up for the distance by offering a free shuttle service. Moreover, the facilities in the hotel itself make your stay extremely special. There are 120 rooms with some upscale facilities like a pool, restaurants and lounges. However, like the Mohegan Sun, pets are not allowed in the Courtyard either.

v.  Oakdell Motel, Waterford

If you are one of the people who prefer a slightly secluded lodging, the Oakdell Motel is your answer. It sits almost 8 miles away from the Casino at 983 Hartford Turnpike, Waterford. The 20 rooms here are affordably priced but provide all the necessary facilities. There is an outdoor pool, which is open in the summer as well as a microwave and refrigerator in every room. While the Oakdell Motel allows pets, 2 dogs is the limit. A negative mark for the motel is that there is no shuttle service. Therefore, in order to visit the Mohegan Sun Casino, you have to look for alternative means of transport.

Final word

The Mohegan Sun Casino and the adjoining areas are a hub of activities and tourism. It is a fascinating stop if you are looking to be part of the upscale life and gambling sessions. Moreover, the abundance of hotels makes it an easily accessible place. However, if Mohegan Sun is not where you want to be, you might want to check out hotels near Hershey Park , which is a 100 miles away and offers exciting avenues for spending some quality time. 

Either way, you are definitely in for the trip of a lifetime but only if you plan it right.

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